Here’s some footage of Sen. John DeFrancisco railing against the Democrats during a debate over budget extenders yesterday for sending what he deemed “deceptive” robocalls into the districts of Republican senators.

The video offers a window into just how tense things have become on the floor of the Senate as the latest battle for control of the chamber heats up. Look for the following snarky exchange between DeFrancisco and Sen. Carl Kruger, who asks his Republican counterpart to yield for a question at about the 1:39-minute mark.

DeFran: “As soon as I’m done I’ll yield to as many questions as anybody has.

Kruger: “I’ll try to remember them, so I don’t get confused.”

DeFran: “Well, you might want to write them down.”

At this point, Sen. Diane Savino, a Staten Island Democrat who was presiding from the dais, interjected: “I would just remind the members of the house that we should try and leave personal invective out of the debate.”