There was a surprising dearth of red meat at the Democratic convention in Rye Brook this week.

Today’s lone moment of Republican-bashing came from Suffolk County Legislator Vivian Viloria-Fisher, who made references to the two GOP candidates from her home turf (Rick Lazio and Steve Levy), saying one has failed to deliver on property tax relief “talk,” while the other doesn’t care because he’s sitting on “a million-dollar Wall Street bonus.”

I asked state Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs about this hands-off approach during an interview that will air at 8 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on “Capital Tonight,” and he said the Republicans are doing such a good job shooting at one another that he doesn’t feel the need to join the fray.

“You know, they do so much damage to themselves,” Jacobs told me.

“It’s kind of like that bus that is careening down a hill right at an adversary of yours. The one thing you don’t do is get in the way. Just get out of the way…I don’t think we have to add too much to it.”