As expected, Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos has officially announced he is running for US Senate against Chuck Schumer.


Maragos is the fourth Republican candidate to step up and challenge the veteran Democrat. If you are keeping track, here is a list of the others, with links to their background.

The full press release of his campaign launch is after the jump. You’ll notice he already has the backing of former state party chair and current Nassau County chair Joe Mondello, who pumped up Maragos’ credentials as a fiscal conservative.

“George Maragos has aggressively sought out government waste and has made significant progress streamlining government,” Mondello said.

“Mr. Maragos was also one of the first to ring the alarm when health insurance companies proposed crippling premium increases earlier this year.”

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos Announces U.S. Senate Candidacy

For Immediate Release

May 27, 2010: With the support of my family and friends, I am excited to announce my candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat held by Chuck Schumer.

New York has been my home for the past 32 years. I’ve raised my family here; all of my children attended our fine public schools; and I’ve made life long friendships throughout our local communities. I have lived the American Dream and I am grateful.

I have 35 years of private business accomplishments including Vice President at Chase and Vice President at Citibank. Most rewarding was starting and building a small business, which I ran for over 20 years.

As the current elected Nassau County Comptroller, I have applied my 35 years of common sense business experience in senior management to bring results by streamlining government, promoting efficiency and cutting waste and malpractice. I moved quickly to restore fiscal responsibility.

Unfortunately, all our good efforts are continuously being undone by Washington policies by adding higher costs, higher taxes and more government control on our local governments and businesses. The issues in this campaign are:

• Health Care reform will cost New York over $5 Billion each year in Medicaid funds and reduce Medicare for Senior Citizens
• Financial Reform will destroy jobs right here in New York City, Nassau County and throughout the State
• Cap & Trade (or Cap &Tax) will add more regulation and more taxes to our business and drive more jobs away.
• Despite the best efforts by Congressman Peter King, the current Administration has reduced Home Land Security funding.

And Senator Chuck Schumer is not standing up for New York.
• Chuck Schumer has not protected the jobs over 1 million unemployed throughout New York.
• Chuck Schumer has not been effective in creating good paying jobs especially in upstate New York or in addressing the depression level economy of many of our rural areas and western and northern tier areas of New York.

These are critical times for New York and for America.

We’re in the third year of a major recession during which millions of Americans have lost their jobs. Here in New York unemployment hovers near 10% with 17% under employed – the worst since the great depression.

While families have been doing more with less, Washington has been doing less with more – and more – and more – Over $13 trillion in debt and a deficit of over $1.5 trillion for this fiscal year. The crime in this is that our children and grandchildren will pay the price. They will find themselves in a limited, over-regulated economy paying more taxes for less service. This is not acceptable.

Americans want less deficit spending, elimination of earmarks, smaller government, fewer entitlements, and more individual freedom. Schumer wants the opposite – bigger government, more regulation, higher taxes and less individual freedom and opportunity.

Schumer is out of touch with the hard working New Yorkers. Mr. Schumer has advanced his 36-year political career far enough. New Yorkers cannot afford more years of a Senator who puts Washington and his personal ambitions first. I will put New York and its hard working taxpayers first!

As your Senator, I will go to Washington to do what is right for the people of New York and not my political career or special interests. My business background trained me how to achieve results and not Schumer’s empty promises or “free airline peanuts.”

My priorities will be:
1. Put the Empire State first
2. Protect and create more jobs in the private sector
3. Lower taxes
4. Protect individual freedoms
5. Demand fiscal responsibility in Washington

If you join me in this fight, we can win. I’m confident we will prevail and restore prosperity and opportunity in New York, and leave our children a stronger, safer, and more prosperous America.

Remarks by County Chairmen:

Nassau County Republican Party Chairman Joseph Mondello: Chairman Joseph Mondello praised Comptroller George Maragos remarking that “George Maragos is a breath of fresh air; he is not your usual politician. He has new ideas and clear priorities. I wholeheartedly endorse his effort and look forward to the coming campaign.”

Chairman Mondello continued that since being elected, George Maragos has “aggressively sought out government waste and has made significant progress streamlining government. Mr. Maragos was also one of the first to ring the alarm when health insurance companies proposed crippling premium increases earlier this year.

Without the proper federal oversight the overall affect of the proposed increases could be in the billions of dollars for New York State. His efforts have saved valuable tax dollars and his new approach to government will reap dividends for New York taxpayers.”