An astute reader notes a slightly more subtle omission from the Democratic ticket (as it stands at the moment) that I missed amid all the talk of lack of a minority statewide candidate.

There’s just one Jew. (Sen. Chuck Schumer, who I forgot to add in an earlier version of this post. But the point still stands, since, as an incumbent, he’s not really part of the ticket of candidates headed to Albany that Cuomo is trying to influence).

If you subscribe to the belief that ethnic politics is not dead in New York, then this could be troublesome for the Democrats, since liberal Jewish voters have long been a mainstay of support for the party – particularly in downstate primaries – although the conservative Orthodox community tends to trend more in favor of Republicans, especially when it comes to Israel (not so much a state issue).

There are only two Jewish candidates in the running, and both of them are vying to be attorney general: Sen. Eric Schneiderman and Assemblyman Richard Brodsky.

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, as you’ll recall, aspired to be the first Jewish president, although he really isn’t practicing and married outside the faith.

AG Andrew Cuomo is Catholic and, as Maggie Haberman noted, picked a Catholic (Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy) as his preferred LG running mate.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is also Catholic (and also Italian-American, so that’s two on the ticket).

Duffy is Irish – that’s hitting two of the traditional “three Is”, the other is, of course, Israel, although one might argue Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic have surpassed Italy and Ireland in terms of places candidates have to visit to curry favor with ethnic voters back home.

If the perception that Cuomo indeed favors Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice as his successor in the AG’s office is true, then she would be the fourth Catholic on the ticket.

There have been some rumblings among conventioneers about the religious imbalance of the ticket, particularly since there are some bruised feelings about the effort to keep Schneiderman and Brodsky off to benefit Rice.