Speaking of people spotted at conventions…

Former NY1 anchor-turned-communications consultant Davidson Goldin put in a brief appearance at the Democratic confab in Rye last week, and was seen dining in Albany yesterday ay 677 Prime.

Goldin has been brought on by the state Democratic Senate Campaign Committee to help with messaging (remember: it’s the NEW Democratic Party!) as the Democrats ramp up their effort to retain the majority this fall.

Goldin earned a reputation as an aggressive (and sometimes exhausting) spinmeister during his brief stint as spokesman for former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford’s never-realized primary challenge to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

(Recall that Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson was one of a host of Brooklyn electeds who lunched with Ford back in January when he was still mulling a potential Senate run).

This isn’t the first time Goldin has worked for someone connected to the Senate Democrats.

He briefly served as a consultant to former Sen. Hiram Monserrate, but severed ties with the ex-Queens lawmaker long before his conviction on a misdemeanor assault charge and subsequent expulsion from the chamber by an unprecedented vote of his colleagues.