Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy said he thinks his scuttled effort to run for governor on the GOP line was “well worth it” because now the other candidates are “talking about the things they weren’t talking about.”

“They are copying us now,” Levy told reporters after conventioneers voted in favor of his nomination, but against putting him on the ballot to primary Rick Lazio, the GOP designee.

“…It was fair,” Levy said of the convention process. “I had my shot just like everyone else. It was a really tough mountain to climb.”

Levy declined to endorse Lazio and also wouldn’t immediately rule out running on an independent line, saying: “I am still considering my options to get my message out there.”

Whatever happens, Levy said he’s going to remain a Republican even though his switch from the Democratic Party isn’t yet final and won’t be until after the fall elections.

That’s likely to complicate things when he runs for re-election next year, but it’s also a good bet that Levy might try for another statewide run now that he has successfully raised his profile with this (short and likely finished) run for governor.