The state Republican convention just got a whole lot more interesting thanks to Buffalo businessman and gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino.  

The candidate nominated himself.  Paladino delivered a passionate speech with almost too many zingers and one-liners to count.

Prior to the start of the nominating process, a motion was put forth by Erie County Chair Nick Langworthy asking for the Republicans to suspend party rules and allow all the candidates the chance to speech prior to the vote.  

Lacking the two thirds vote, the motion did not pass.  State Chair Ed Cox indicated another vote could be taken following the nominating process, possibly allowing the candidates to speech prior to the ballot vote.

“My motion failed,” Langworthy told us, “I was due to nominate Carl, so I proxied to him so he could nominate himself and address the convention. “

Taking no chances, Paladino took the opportunity to nominate himself, outline his platform and take some shots at Albany and Democratic gubernatorial nominee, AG Andrew Cuomo.  

The candidate first railed against the party he hopes to lead as governor.

“I’m up here because our party leaders have blocked us from speaking before the party vote.  That’s dysfunctional, that’s ridiculous and that’s flat out wrong.  I’m here to tell you that’s got to change.”

Paladino outlined his business experience, saying he employs more than 400 New Yorkers and understands how to balance a budget and meet payroll.

He also indirectly addressed the email scandal that has plagued his campaign, saying:

“I’m not politically correct, and I don’t want to be.  I’m human.  I’ve made mistakes in my life. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t.  Like most New Yorkers, I’ve sat on the sidelines looking for leadership, and like you I’ve been disappointed time and time again.”

Paladino, Steve Levy, Rick Lazio and Myers Mermel have all been nominated.  The motion to allow the candidates to speak was not requested again.

More of the rhetorical gems courtesy of Paladino appear after the jump.

“I’m not intimidatable.  I won’t play the game.  I’m not a quitter and I’m absolutely determined.  I offer you a solumen promise.  I will clean up Albany and I will take out the trash.”

“He’s a career politician part of the rotten system in Albany.  He’s not the man to fix the problem.  He’s the ultimate Albany insider.  All Andrew Cuomo offers is the status Cuomo.”

“Our candidate for governor has to have guts.  I’ll cut taxes by 10 percent in the first 6 months.  Not cap.  Cut.  I’ll cut spending by 20 percent in the first year.  Not cap.  Cut.  Capping is gutless.  Cutting takes courage.”

“I think you are seeing the difference between me and my competitors.  One wants to clean out Albany whisk broom.  The other maybe a mop.  Me, I’ll clean out Albany with a baseball bat.”