The Republicans have now set themselves up for two statewide primary fights, both for US Senate seats.

Economist David Malpass received 40.04 percent of the weighted convention vote this morning to former Long Island Legislator Bruce Blakeman’s 42.14 percent.

Former Rep. Joe DioGuardi did not hit the 25 percent ballot threshold, getting just 17.82 percent, and so it appears – for the moment – he will have to petition his way on if he chooses to continue his quest to compete in the GOP contest to take on Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in November.

However, remember that DioGuardi got the Conservative Party’s nod last week (in this very hotel), and so is assured a spot on Row D in the general election ballot.

Also, there’s now going to be a second vote to determine a designee (someone who gets more than 50 percent of the vote).

It’s possible that there would be some flippers from Malpass and Blakeman to push DioGuardi over the 25 mark, although that seems unlikely. Then there would be a three-way primary.

So far, the counties (and we’re only in the Cs) are so far sticking more or less with their first round picks.