A meeting this morning between SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher, state Budget Director and state Black, Puerto Rican and Asian legislative caucus members at which the SUNY/CUNY empowerment plan was the topic of discussion apparently did not go well.

NY1 Capitol report Erin Billups, who staked out the Red Room get-together, reports Sen. Kevin Parker stormed out of the meeting and accused Zimpher of “berating” lawmakers who are not supportive of the so-called empowerment plan that would give the SUNY and CUNY schools autonomy from the Legislature – particularly when it comes to setting tutition.

“If you run an institution and you want something done and you think that helps let’s talk about a collaboration,” Parker said.

“But coming in and berating legislators and calling them names is not the way to do it…I think that if she walked in there with any support she’s going to walk out with none.”

Assemblyman Jeff Aubry emerged from the meeting to say that he thinks Parker might be a little over-sensitive on this issue, but nevertheless agreed that Zimpher didn’t do much to change minds on the empowerment plan – at least not his.

Of course, there are two minds that arguably matter most here – Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who controls what comes to the floor in his house; and Sen. Bill Stachowski, who has been refusing to vote on the budget revenue bill in hopes of getting – at the very least – a PILOT to allow the UB 20-20 plan to move forward.

Silver told the Post’s Fred Dicker this morning that “it is accurate” to say most of his conference is opposed to the SUNY empowerment plan, adding:

“There is no guarantee that the TAP funds will make up the tuition hikes. Also, we have raised tuition, and it didn’t go to make better education, it was taken for budget. Putting the cost of education out of the reach of most New Yorkers is not something we want to do.”

Stachowski spoke yesterday to reporters, including Capital Tonight’s Kaitlyn Ross, and said there has been no significant movement on the SUNY empowerment issue.