If GOP/Conservative gubernatorial designee Rick Lazio is so fiscally responsible, why is his campaign burn rate so high?

Inquiring minds want to know. State Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs (perhaps taking a cue from a SoP reader) wants to know.

On the heels of the Lazio campaign’s latest Web video that slammed Democratic gubernatorial designee Andrew Cuomo for his fundraising and spending, Jacobs turned the tables on the former Long Island congressman, issuing a statement that railed against his “complete lack of fiscal discipline” in his own campaign spending.

“Somehow Rick Lazio managed to blow more money on flashy consultants, luxury hotels, and other over-the-top campaign expenses than he took in from supporters,” Jacobs said.

“Even as he continues to rack up red ink, his fiscal irresponsibility doesn’t stop – even though his poll numbers have barely budged. Lazio has some serious work to do before he can question anyone else’s fiscal discipline, let alone Andrew Cuomo’s.”

“If Rick Lazio ran New York the way he runs his campaign, New York’s financial mess would go from bad to worse. The fiscal crisis New York had in the seventies could look like child’s play by comparison.”

Lazio reported having $68,821 on hand, thanks to a $200,000 loan he made to his own campaign in the days before the July 15 report was due.

Minus the loan, Lazio’s spending outpaced his fundraising. He spent $1.61 million, which includes more than $228,000 to political consultant Arthur Finkelstein.

Asked about his dismal fundraising earlier this week and whether he’ll be able to be competitive against Cuomo, who has $23.6 million on hand; and Carl Paladino, who has pledged to spend up to $10 million of his own money on the campaign; Lazio insisted that he’ll have sufficient funds to remain in the race – and even win – reminding New Yorkers that this is “an election, not an auction.”