Remember that tracker Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s campaign sent to record a recent Binghamton event held by one of her three Republican challengers, David Malpass?

Well, as it turns out, the kid really gets around.

Here he is at a Joe DioGuardi event, getting in for a close-up of the former congressman doing a little hand-shaking.

According to a DioGuardi campaign aide, the candidate has been tracked for several weeks now, even though he only filed petitions to get into the GOP primary last week. General objections against his petitions were filed by three different people.

(It’s not clear to me if these were GOP or Democratic objections; Gillibrand opted not to object to the signatures filed by her primary challenger, Gail Goode).

UPDATE: Jerry Skurnik notes one of the challengers to DioGuardi’s petitions is Jeff Buley, a veteran election attorney who is counsel to the state GOP. Bruce Blakeman is the party’s official designee against Gillibrand, but Malpass also got onto the primary ballot at the convention.

Regardless of whether he gets onto the September ballot, DioGuardi is assured a spot in the November general election as the Conservative designee, unless he decides he’d rather move out of state or be a judge, or (and this is, of course, the least desirable option) passes away unexpectedly.