State comptroller candidate Harry Wilson offered a unique response when asked in Buffalo today why he has declined to endorse a candidate in the governor’s race.

“I am intentionally not getting involved in any way in that race,” the former hedge fund manager explained to YNN’s Doug Sampson.

“I am already with Rick Lazio on the Conservative line. The Republican line, obviously, will be a primary. And in fact, I am a running mate with Andrew Cuomo on the Independence line. So, I am really sort of staying out of that completely.”

Now there’s an approach of which the post-partisan AG, who has been pushing hard to woo Republicans to cross party lines and support him, will likely approve. (And, for what it’s worth, Cuomo is no big fan of Wilson’s target, Democratic state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli). I’m not so sure how Wilson’s fellow GOPers will feel about this line of reasoning…or Conservatives, for that matter.

Wilson also said he has had some preliminary discussions with Lazio opponent Carl Paladino’s campaign about potentially running on his independent “Taxpayers” line, which about a dozen Republican Senate and Assembly
candidates are also seeking.

(I’m efforting the IDs; I did see that request in the comments section. I can tell you for certain that one of them is Assemblyman Jack Quinn, who is running against Democratic Sen. Bill Stachowski).