GOp gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino is poised to air a new TV ad in the NYC market that slams AG Andrew Cuomo over his support of the mosque proposed for construction near Ground Zero.

Much like a previous radio ad on this subject, this spot casts the race for governor as a two-person contest between “two major candidates” – Paladino and Cuomo – making no mention of the third contender, Republican Rick Lazio, whom Paladino must first defeat in a primary before facing off against the AG.

Lazio has been trying to make an issue of the mosque, even going so far as to call on President Obama to get involved. But he lacks sufficient funds to go up on the air, while Paladino is largely self-funding his campaign and has pledged to spend up to $10 million.

It’s a pretty straightforward ad, featuring headshots of Paladino and Cuomo and a VOG (AKA: voice of God), who says: “Cuomo supports the cosntruction of a $100 million Islamic mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero. Paladino says the mosque makes a mockery of of those who died there.”

Then there’s Paladino straight to camera, promising to use eminent domain to block the mosque and use the site as a “war memorial, instead of a monument to those who attacked our country.”

No word on when the ad is going to go up. It was forwarded to me this morning by GOP consultant Roger Stone, who is closely allied with Paladino through his campaign manager, Michael Caputo, but is technically running the campaign of another gubernatorial hopful, Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis.

This ad comes as a new Siena poll finds that a majority of New Yorkers oppose the mosque, 61-26.

Untitled from Liz Benjamin on Vimeo.