Republican/Conservative US Senate hopeful Jay Townsend has released a lengthy Web video/manifesto that lays out his platform on everything from charter schools (he’s in favor) to “military weakness” (he opposes) to government spending (he thinks “restraint” is the name of the game).

It’s nothing either surprising or eath-shattering, but does underscore exactly how underfunded both Townsend and GOP primary opponent, Gary Berntsen, are vis-a-vis their Democratic target, Sen. Chuck Schumer, who is sitting on $23.8 million worth of campaign cash.

Neither Townsend, who had $13,089 on hand and $91,519 in debt as of the end of June; nor Berntsen, $63,979 on hand and $50,000 in debt; has yet run a single TV ad. (Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any Web ads from Berntsen at all).

Schumer, of course, hasn’t felt the need to either advertise or engage in any other way with either of his opponents in advance of the Sept. 14 primary. Why should he? He’s not only blowing them away in fundraising, but also has a widening lead over them in public opinion polls.

The Townsend video script appears in full after the jump.

I’m Jay Townsend. And to you I offer a simple set of beliefs and values that will guide this campaign and my votes on your behalf as your next United States Senator.

I believe that money left in the hands of taxpayers will spur more jobs, more innovation, and more creativity than government programs ever will.

I believe that capitalism and the free market have done more to lift people out of poverty than socialism ever will.

I believe that freeing entrepreneurs from over regulation and over taxation will lead to breathtaking inventions, more miracle drugs, and medical devices that have given the United States the finest health care the world has ever seen.

I believe that the best public schools are those forced to compete with private and charter schools. Show me a community that allows private schools and charter schools to flourish — and I will show you a community with flourishing public schools.

I believe in spending restraint, for one simple reason. Every dollar a government takes from you to spend on your behalf is a dollar you no longer have to save or invest or spend more wisely.

I believe in a strong military for I regard military weakness as a provocation. Those who have risked life and limb to defend this nation are entitled to the full measure of our gratitude and generosity.

I believe in the inherent dignity of the individual; that no state and no government has the right to decree what you are allowed to hear, or say, or think, or write.

I’m Jay Townsend.