32 BJ was one of the earliest supporters of the Senate Democrats’ effort to wrest control of the chamber from the GOP, backing key members of the conference as far back as 2006 when other members of the labor community were either supporting Republicans or playing it safe on the sidelines.

In 2008, the union went all in for Brian Foley, helping him to oust veteran GOP Sen. Caesar Trunzo on Long Island – a key seat that helped the Democrats finally realize their quest for the majority.

Now, with the majority in peril, 32 BJ is doubling down on the Democrats with a $100,000 independent expenditure. That will include the pro-Foley mailer below, which is one of four pieces of lit being sent to 23,000 likely voters in the 3rd SD.

In addition, 32 BJ members have been volunteering to help get out the vote for Foley. Last Saturday, 20 union members spent the day in the Brentwood area talking to voters about the importance of getting to the polls for the imperiled freshman.

A late September Siena poll showed Foley running neck and neck with his GOP challenger Lee Zeldin. The DSCC is spending big on trying to protect the freshman ($202,000, according to the 11-day pre-general report), but insiders are dubious about his ability to hang on next Tuesday.

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