I’m not even sure where to start with this one.

Assemblyman Bob Reilly, a Colonie Democrat who is, in my experience, a smart and deliberative person (he doesn’t even accept his salary, for goodness sake, but donates it to charity instead), had a moment at a candidate forum Monday night that can only be described as…extremely un-PC – at best.

While attempting to explain how he fights for his constituents, the assemblyman tried to re-create the voice of someone he described as “a young man by the name of Kyle” who is a “victim of Cerebral Palsy.”

Again, people, a word of advice: Beware the tracker. The tracker is everywhere – armed with a video recording device and very, very dangerous. Here’s the clip:

“As I said in my opening statements, most importantly I will continue to serve you with integrity. I will work with the new governor to get fiscal house in order; but most importantly I will manage our resources.”

“A young man by the name of Kyle came into my office the other day. I believe he was a victim, I believe, of Cerebral Palsy. With no disrespect to him, he said to me (indecipherable). ‘I worry about what will happen to me.’ I said to Carl, Kyle: ‘Don’t worry, we will take care of you.'”

“I will stand up to the platitude of ‘cut tax, cut tax, cut tax,’ if that’s the only mantra that people could say, and I will protect our resources and our people and do that with integrity.”