Sen. Tom Morahan’s widow, Helen, has endorsed the Republican running for her late husband’s seat, Rockland County Executive Scott Vanderhoef.

“Tom loved being your Senator,” Helen Morahan wrote in a letter mailed this week to residents of the 38th SD. “He cherished the support of the voters and took his job very seriously.”

“You trusted my husband to always do what was right for our community. Even as his health was failing,
he was thinking of who would be best to carry on his legislative mission. He knew that Scott Vanderhoef
was the one. Scott has both the professional and life experience to succeed in opening up Albany to change
– to think of the people before politics.”

When Kaitlyn Ross profiled the 38th SD race for our ongoing Struggle for Power series, she noted the large shadow the late senator is casting over the contest that has pitted Vanderhoef against Democratic Clarkstown Clerk David Carlucci.

This race has also become unexpectedly tight. Vanderhoef was the early favorite, in large part due to his name recognition (he also was the LG running mate of 2006 GOP gubernatorial candidate John Faso). But both sides are now throwing money into this race and hoping for an upset.

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