House Minority Leader (Speaker-in-waiting?) John Boehner sent out a fundraising appeal this afternoon seeking cash to support the NRCC’s “post-election activites fund” that is helping pay for recount efforts in six close House races – two of which are in New York.


“In six districts – CA-20, NY-01, NY-25, NC-02, TX-27, and IL-08 – Republican candidates are currently in the lead. And in CA-11 and KY-06 Republicans are behind by the narrowest of margins,” Boehner wrote.

“Many of these seats have been long-held by entrenched Democratic incumbents who simply stopped listening to voters. Republicans are listening, and every one of these races represents another possible vote in the fight to create new jobs, cut spending, scrap ObamaCare, and reform Congress.”

“The outcome of these races could be decided any day now, so it’s important to act quickly to ensure that we have the resources to assist our candidates with these costly post election activities.”

“…Every dollar you contribute today will help us keep up the fight in these districts, and will give the NRCC and our team the tools needed to help ensure that every ballot is fairly counted.”

Boehner made a trip to New York during the campaign and fundraise for Ann Marie Buerkle in NY-25 (on the same day Buerkle’s daughter got married) and Chris Gibson in NY-20. (The Democrats slammed both candidates at the time for appearing with Boehner, accusing them of supporting the privatization of Social Security).

He did not make a similar trip to help Randy Altschuler in NY-1, although House Minority Whip Eric Cantor did swing by to help the Republican businessman raise campaign cash.