Paladino campaign manager Michael Caputo remains confident in his candidate’s chances tonight. Less than an hour before polls close in New York, Caputo pointed out to NY1′s Michael Scotto that polls showed Paladino trailing Rick Lazio in the GOP primary two months ago, then cruised to a sizable victory.

Scotto asked Caputo if Paladino’s “mad-as-hell” style hindered him from connecting with the general election audience.

“Mike, you got to get out of New York City more often,” said Caputo.

“People talk like that outside of New York City. People use kitchen-table language and when Carl Paladino spoke, everybody knew one thing: That he was telling the truth. He wasn’t polished about it, he wasn’t glib, he wasn’t in some cases even good at campaigning, but he listened to them because he brought a message of hope.”