YNN’s figures show Democrats and Republicans in a dead heat (29-29), but four districts are still in play and Republicans are leading most of them–making the GOP gitty there is a real chance they could take back control of the state Senate.

The districts still in play are:

7th district
Craig Johnson (D-incumbent) 50%
Jack Martins (R) 50%
42% precincts reporting, Martins leading by a handful of votes

37th district
Suzi Oppenheimer (D-incumbent) 50%
Bob Cohen (R) 50%
79% precincts reporting, Oppenheimer leads by about 200 votes

40th district
Greg Ball 52%
Mike Kaplowitz 48%
90% precincts reporting
NOTE: I just spoke to Ball and he tells me: “We have absolutely declared victory.”

60th District
Antoine Thompson (D-incumbent) 49%
Mark Grisanti (R) 51%
97% precincts reporting