Exactly one week after election day, outgoing Gov. David Paterson and incoming governor Andrew Cuomo had their first, official get-together to kick off the transition.

Paterson and Cuomo met privately today in the governor’s NYC office and then appeared together for a joint press conference followed, which YNN and NY1 telecast live.

The present and future governors emerged at 2:35 p.m. for the event scheduled for 2:15 p.m.  Paterson began his remarks by referencing a “meepress confereceting” between the two six years ago that involved a water gun fight while rafting in the Adirondacks.  Cuomo later said that was a story for another time, but that Paterson won the fight.

Paterson said the two talked at length today about the transition, evaluations and the issues facing the state – namely how to end the recession. He showered his soon-be-successor with praise, saying it is rare to see a candidate who is “so honest or so pragmatic about the future.”

Cuomo was equally effusive in his praise of Paterson, calling him a friend for many, many years.

The governor-elect said a major focus of the transition will deal with personnel.  He said he would take recommendations from Paterson as to who to keep on board and will work to attract “the best and the brightest into state government.”

He also said he plans to kick-off a statewide facilities tour tomorrow to familiarize himself with state operations, including visits to Sing Sing Correctional Facility and the Manhattan Psychiatric Facility.

In terms of the state’s economic woes, Cuomo said there will have to be cuts to education, health care and state operations.  He did not go into detail about how much would need to be cut, saying those figures will be hashed out during the budget process.

Cuomo also proved it isn’t just Paterson who can get a laugh at a press conference.  He joked about Paterson’s plans to improve the state’s fiscal picture in the remainder of his term.

“The governor was extraordinarily gracious, saying that he not only would make sure that the current shortfall is covered, but would also identify another $9 billion and set it aside for the deficit next year.  And I really thought that was more than just a friendship, because we’re friends, but that really exceeded the friendship to the tune of $9 billion and I want to thank him very much for that,” Cuomo said.

Today actually the second meeting between the two since election day.

Paterson and Cuomo met face-to-face yesterday in Puerto Rico where they had a conversation over breakfast before Cuomo addressed the room.  The two may have also met behind closed doors yesterday, but they kept that information to themselves.