The Human Rights Coaltion’s Campaign for New York Marriage continues with this video starring actor/actress Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, who are the first couple to record a pro-same sex marriage missive for the effort.

In the video, Sedgwick calls this a “private issue that should never be determined by the government,” adding: “Everyone has a right to choose who they love and how they express that love.” Bacon echoes the sentiment, saying we all “deserve the right to marry the person that we love, so join us in supporting marriage equality.”

Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo has said gay marriage will be a priority for his first year in office, but the issue is really going to come down – yet again – to whether there are enough votes in the Senate to pass it.

Three of the eight Democratic “no” voters will not be returning to Albany next year: George Onorato, Bill Stachowski, and Hiram Monserrate. They were replaced by three “yes” votes” Mike Gianaris, Tim Kennedy and Jose Peralta.

Two GOP senators who voted “no” have been replaced by Democrats (Tom Morahan with David Carlucci and Frank Padavan with Tony Avella; both of the incoming freshmen are “yes” votes).

But, Sen. Brian Foley, a Democrat who voted “yes” on marriage, has been defeated by Republican Lee Zeldin, a certain “no.” And two more Democratic “yes” voters – Sens. Craig Johnson and Antoine Thompson – hang in the balance.

Democratic Sen. Darrel Aubtertine voted “no,” but he’ll be replaced by Republican Patricia Ritchie, another “no.” So that’s a wash for the pro-marriage advocates.

Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos said recently that he would “recommend” to his conference that gay marriage be allowed to return to the floor for another vote if the GOP succeeded in taking back the majority. Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson has refused to commit one way or the other.