Kristin Davis may have missed the mark in her quest to win 50,000 votes for her protest gubernatorial campaign and establish the Anti-Prohibition Party, but she did get some good post-election news today.

Davis, AKA the “Manhattan Madam,” announced on Facebook this morning that her 2.5-year stint on probation following the four months she served on Rikers Island for promoting prostitution has come to an end.

(NOTE: Davis was initially sentenced to five years probation, which she started in October 2008 after her release from jail).

“For the last couple of years I have met and complied with the stringent probationary demands placed on sex offenders,” Davis wrote in a statement she plans to post on her Website.

“I have checked in with my PO weekly in a visit that takes 4 hrs on average, attended over 70 sex offender therapy sessions, been randomly drug tested and submitted to surprise home visits.”

“I have also been subjected to sitting in a room for hours with ‘real’ sex offenders and listened to their horror stories and been hit on.”

“Today I am free. Thanks to my excellent attorney, Dan Hochheiser, and the fair judge, Justice Thomas Farber – I have been released from probation.”

“Running for governor while on probation proved to be a challenge, but I am proud of the pro-freedom agenda I ran on. Politics in New York needs more feminists. It cannot help but occur to me that Eliot Spitzer paid no such penalty for his crimes while I received a sentence, which seems quite harsh for a first-time, non-violent offense.”

Now that she’s off probation, Davis no longer has to submit to regular drug testing and doesn’t have to get permission from her PO to travel. And, she added in an e-mail to me: “I get my dignity back!”

Davis, who ran on a platform of legalizing gay marriage, casino gambling and marijuana, said she plans to visit Albany to lobby for the same-sex marriage bill and also draw public attention to the “conditions and atrocities going on at Rikers Island.”

Davis received about 22,000 votes last Tuesday. She ran some TV ads in the final days of the campaign (most memorable slogan: “Vote Homo, Not Cuomo“) and was largely bankrolled by GOP consultant Roger Stone, who spent his final days of the campaign attacking Libertarian candidate, Warren Redlich.