A sharp-eyed reader noticed that GOP commentator KT McFarland was among those who used the “like” function on a recent Post editorial that enumerated the state Republican Party’s many flaws and called on its chairman, Ed Cox, to resign.

There’s history between these two, as you may recall. Back in 2006, both of them competed for the party’s nod to challenge then-US Sen. Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Cox ended up abandoning his bid when then-Gov. George Pataki endorsed former Westchester County DA Jeanine Pirro. After a brief campaign full of gaffes and missteps, Pirro heeded party leaders’ calls to drop into the AG’s race, where she was handily defeated by Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

McFarland (temporarily) suspended her campaign after her daughter was caught shoplifting, but was still on the ballot and lost the primary to former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, who went on to lose big to Clinton.

I spoke briefly to McFarland yesterday, and while she declined to join the chorus of Cox-haters, she did say the GOP’s problems were, in her opinion, “accurately portrayed” by the Post, adding:

“If you look around the country, even in blue states, the Republican Party has been resurrgent, and New York seems to have somehow missed out on this.”

“…I think it’s a lot of things, including the fact that there’s no farm team and the party isn’t as well organized as it has been in the past. There’s no one cause. But a lot of causes together made for a perfect storm.”