A prominent Latino assemblyman has fired his longtime aide over a report released earlier today that laid out a Latino agenda for the Cuomo-Duffy administration.

Assemblyman Peter Rivera confirmed to me that he terminated his legislative director, Guillermo Martinez, effective Dec. 31, following his orchestration of simultaneous press conference in six cities across the state at which the report was released to the press.

A number of things seem to be at work here. First, Rivera, a Bronx Democrat who is on one of the Cuomo-Duffy transition committee, says Martinez didn’t keep him in the loop, putting together the report and today’s events without first getting clearance from his boss.

“I had no idea what was going on, and even though my name isn’t mentioned, everybody assumes I’m involved,” said a clearly annoyed Rivera, who spent the day fielding calls about the report.

“It shows a complete lack of tact, a complete lack of foresight, and he is my employee, and he knows I’ve been working on those issues that he highlights, and he never gave me a heads-up or consulted with me.”

Rivera said he has bills, some of which date back a decade, that address issues Martinez raises in his report. The assemblyman said he “didn’t put those bills around a banner of a Latino agenda.”

Martinez sat down with me for a CapTon interview that will air in full this evening. Rivera hadn’t yet spoken to him to inform him he was out of a job. That message was delivered by a fellow staffer, NY1 Noticias reporter/anchor Juan-Manuel Benitez and…me.

“I think that it’s part of the badge we have to wear sometimes,” Martinez said when I asked if releasing this report had been worth his job.

“The badge of courage. That we move our society forward, you know, one step forward, two steps back. It was important to be said. This was not a press conference attacking the governor, the lieutenant governor. We think they’re great friends of our community. I’m shocked to see his reaction.”