In the wake of the TU’s story this morning about Gov. David Paterson’s pork barrel spending spree, CSEA is calling on the lame duck governor to rescind his plans to issue layoff notices to almost 900 public employees later this week.

“Everyone but the governor and some other politicians seem to understand that laying people off is bad for the economy,” said CSEA President Danny Donohue.

“It takes away paychecks that would be spent in local communities, loses taxes that would otherwise be paid and eliminates front line employees who actually deliver necessary services that help generate revenue.”

“It is also a cruel and unnecessary action in this holiday season that will hurt innocent families. No one should ignore the human misery that governor’s plan will cause to real people.”

The lame duck spending detailed by the TU’s Jim Odato amounts to $16.7 million, which is quite a bit less than the $250 million worth of workforce savings the Paterson administration has been trying to wring from the public employee unions.

Paterson has the support of Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo in his layoff plan. Cuomo has made it clear that he’ll be taking a “with me or against me” approach with the state workers, who will be entering contract negotiations with the new governor within months of his inauguration.

Rescind Layoff Release