USA Today landed a “Sandra Lee at home for the holidays” interview that is simply too good to pass up.

The Food Network star and soon-to-be first girlfriend of New York State reiterates that there are no marriage plans in store for herself and her live-in beau, Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo, insisting she’s “really happy” right now. She also again says she doesn’t plan to change anything or assume any official duties once her long-term significant other takes office.

The bulk of the article, which features a photo of Lee, wearing her signature white and posing in her white living room in front of a white Christmas tree, is devoted to how the semi-home made domestic diva decorated the Mt. Kisco home she shares with Cuomo for the holidays.

The house has seven – SEVEN – Christmas trees, each with its own theme. More:

Lee had “one elf” assisting her with the project, which extends outdoors to wreaths and poinsettias, but she wishes she’d had more help.

“I would love for (Cuomo’s girls) to have been there when I was putting up the trees,” she says. “There are sacrifices that every family makes to have happy, healthy children and a happy, healthy lifestyle.” (She is going to help the girls put together their inaugural outfits.)

Not surprisingly, their busy dad couldn’t be there, either. The tinseled transformation was “a little bit of a surprise,” says Lee, who insists that the governor-elect does have input into the décor. “I mean, it’s his house, too.”

…Still, when outfitting their home for the holidays, “I thought, ‘Oh gosh, he’s going to think I went over the top.’ ” But when Cuomo saw her handiwork, he gushed, “I love it!”

Nonetheless, Lee wasn’t done — at least having fun. When Cuomo came home from work the next day, a Saturday, she casually announced that she had trimmed the entire upstairs. “And he goes, ‘What?!’ And I go, ‘Just kidding.'”

And then there’s this little snippet:

…And soon to grace the wall of the dining room – aka the Founding Fathers room – is Lee’s recent birthday present to her partner, a letter from yet another famous New York governor, Franklin Roosevelt, that touches on the issues of his era, such as poverty. It’s “pretty amazing,” Lee says. Cuomo “loves” it.