US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced $1.195 billion in high-speed rail funds originally designated for Wisconsin and Ohio will be redirected to 13 other states – including New York.

The lion’s share of the cash, up to $624 million, is going to California. Next comes Florida with $342.3 million, Washington State with $161.5 million and Illinois with $42.3 million.

Comparatively speaking, especially when you consider that New York is right up there in terms of size, we’re not getting very much – $7.3 million. But it’s not nothing. And it’s a heck of a lot more than Indiana is getting ($364,980).

Cuomo made a pitch for the rejected high-speed rail dollars within days of his landslide win over Carl Paladino in the Nov. 2 general election. In a letter to LaHood, the governor-elect called high-speed rail a “top priority,” adding: “High speed rail could be the 21st Century Erie Canal for New York State and help rebuild Upstate New York’s economy. Now is the moment to build.”