Mayor Bloomberg is taking responsibility for the bad storm response.

He says there is still a lot of work to be done.

But, all city streets should be cleared by 7pm tonight.

Rep. Pete King wants answers to why some planes spent more than 10 hours on the tarmac at JFK.

It was moving day in the State Senate.

Senate Republicans say their Democratic counterparts overspent on staff by as much as $10 million.

The Rochester City Council will vote next week to set a date to replace outgoing Mayor Bob Duffy.

NYRA is now streaming races live in NYC, which they hope will increase their betting numbers.

The Times Union finally got a look at the Stockbridge Munsee casino contract.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is proud of the city’s strong Kwanzaa history.

Redistricting prognostication has begun in Central New York.

Chris Gibson for President? Really?

Rep. Charlie Rangel thinks Obama will be elected in 2012, because he has moved to the center.

Sen. Schumer is one of several DC Pols who are still sitting on huge campaign war chests, despite this year’s election.

Christine O’Donnell could be in some trouble for allegedly spending campaign cash on personal items.

Here’s a really bad Hillary Clinton impression.