Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand sounded off on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, saying he should be prosecuted to “the fullest extent of the law” and “thrown in jail for a very long time.”

“He is certainly a criminal,” New York’s junior senator said. “He is someone who has released top secret, highly confidential information that will hurt our national security and men and women on the ground and put their lives at risk.”

“…It may well be an act of terrorism. It may well be an act of espionage. Or it may just be a violation of the act that prohibits the release of top secret confidential information.”

Gillibrand defended her predecessor, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, (for whom Gillibrand helped raise campaign cash back in 2000) against anyone who suggests she should resign, saying she has “handled this situation in a perfect way,” and adding:

“She knows exactly what she’s doing. I think anyone who calls for that hasn’t really looked at the facts.”