Assemblyman Carl Heastie is growing increasingly dismayed by what he sees as an anti-NYC sentiment among opponents of the plan to restructure the downstate OTB operation, which passed in his house during last week’s special session.

Heastie, who is also chairman of the Bronx Democratic Party, called this development “sickening,” adding (via text message, his preferred mode of communication): “(It) can lead to regional problems down the road for those who need city legislators’ votes for their regional issues.”

That sounded vaguely threatening to me, but Heastie insisted he’s not suggesting he’ll vote “no” on anything in particular. He did, however, confirm that he’s “pissed” at lawmakers who are now proposing a “compromise” bill that would include the regional and suburban OTBs.

“They don’t care about hundreds of empoyees being laid off under a bill that will save the state money,” he fumed.

“…It shouldn’t be going this far. They say they can’t vote for this because it’s a New York City issue. But nobody’s else’s region is in bankruptcy right now, and when that comes we can look at a statewide way to fix OTB. But to try to throw every regional OTB in now is something I don’t think the rest of the state should look to do.”

Two thoughts on this…

First: The so-called compromise bill that was introduced over the weekend by the Senate GOP is actually being carried by a downstater, Sen. Andy Lanza, who hails from Staten Island.

Second: This “cutting off your nose to spite your face” argument was made this morning by NYC OTB Chairman Larry Schwartz, who is also secretary to Gov. David Paterson.