Larry Schwartz, chairman of NYC OTB and secretary to Gov. David Paterson, just said the regional and suburban OTBs would be “cutting their nose off to spite their face” if they are successful in getting lawmakers to reject a bailout for the downstate betting operation in hopes of getting some financial help for themselves.

“If their attitude is ‘it’s everyone or no one,’ I think that’s a very dangerous and risky strategy,” Schwartz told the Post’s Fred Dicker on his first-ever AM TALK 1300 interview.

“If New York City goes down, I don’t see them getting any help next year. I think there will be a lot of resentment…They’ll be cutting off their nose to spite their face if that’s the tactic they take.”

Schwartz noted that the OTB bill currently on the table was negotiated by the administration as part of a Chapter 9 bankruptcy proceeding and includes concessions from employees in the NYC betting parlors. “We’re not asking for a handout; we’re not asking for a bailout,” he said.

He said the regional OTBs should, if they feel they need assistance from the state, make the case to the Legislature and the incoming administration next year as the NYC OTB has this time around.

Asked whether there might be a consolidation plan in the offing for the OTBs statewide, Schwartz replied: “Anything is a possibility.” He refused to predict whether the NYC OTB bill passed last week by the Assembly will be approved tomorrow by the Senate, noting: “Twenty-four hours is an eternity, whether it’s in politics or government.”