Speaker Sheldon Silver is taking a much different view of the NY Post article alleging that certain Sanitation department bosses specifically instructed workers to respond slowly to routes in order to make a point.

During an interview this morning on “Live from the State Capitol with Fred Dicker” on WDGJ, Silver said he didn’t believe the post story. And when asked about talk of criminal charges, he dismissed it as “hyperbole.” Silver attributed the slow clean up to the size of the storm, and the fact that hundreds of sanitation workers have been laid off over the past year.

Fred Dicker also asked the Speaker about Governor-elect Cuomo’s decision to move his state of the state speech out of the Assembly Chamber. Silver suggested that the people of New York could care less where Cuomo delivers the speech, and made the point that the public cares more about results than speeches.

Silver went on to insist the decision was based solely on the fact that there is more interest in this year’s speech than in the past.

“We can’t fit these people. It is a fire hazard,” Silver said.