The budget backlash continues today as several groups representing education, public employees, and low- income New Yorkers bashed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget, saying there are other ways to close the state’s $10 billion gap without laying off workers or cutting from education and health care.

Their proposal? Maintain the so-called millionaire’s tax on New York’s wealthier residents.

“We want to make sure that while we’re cutting services to the most vulernable populations of this state, that we’re not giving a multi-billion dollar tax cut to the wealthiest New Yorkers,” said Ron Deutsch, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness.

“We just don’t think it’s the right time to being doing something like that. Our state is still fiscally struggling and we need that revenue to make sure that we can provide the services and maintain the jobs in this state.

The group, which has dubbed itself GrowingTogetherNY, faces an uphill battle because the governor and the GOP-controlled Senate have made it clear new taxes are not on the table this year. But members think they have an advantage.

A majority of New Yorkers support the tax, which is reflected in a recent YNN/Marist Poll. GrowingTogetherNY hopes to build support by taking its message to the people at events across the state – just like the governor in his latest upstate swing.