Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s mini-budget address Manhattanville College in Purchase was interrupted by an anti-hydrofracking advocate, who was escorted from the room by severla men – including one who appears to be a member of the governor’s security detail.

Right around the moment when Cuomo was opining on how “democracy does work” and asking the public to join him in his crusade about the Albany special interests, the dreadlocked protestor yelled out: “No hydrofracking! No more trust in you! No hydrofracking!”

Cuomo paused in his speech, but seemed unruffled, telling the crowd:

“Hydrofracking is a different issue that we’re not addressing today. We will get to hydrofracking. It’s not a budget issue. But it’s a very important issue. And democracy does work.”

He received a prolonged round of applause, which I can’t tell is because he promised to deal with the controversial issue of hydrofracking, which, it should be noted was something that dogged him on the campaign trail last year, or because he didn’t lose his cool.