Faith leaders from around the state will be asking their congregations to pray for Gov. Andrew Cuomo this weekend in hopes that he will have the “wisdom to protect the most vulnerable from immoral cuts,” according to a press release.

Bishop Orlando Findlayter of the New Hope Christian Fellowship is among the faith leaders who will be preaching on this topic Sunday. He’ll be opening the doors of his Brooklyn church to members of the press to make his plea public.

“As religious leaders we believe the governor’s plan to balance the state’s budget by reducing educational funding while protecting millionaires is unconscionable,” said Findlayter. “We urge our legislators to stand with our children and oppose this detrimental budget.”

Findlayter is not new to this type of engagement in politics from the pulpit. Back in 2008, he urged the NYC Council to reject Mayor Bloomberg’s push to extend term limits so he could run for re-election in 2009. At the time, the mayor was reaching out to clergy members in hopes of gaining their support for his (eventually successful) push to change the term limits law.

This strikes me as a bit of a Hail Mary (pardon the pun, please) pass when it comes to the millionaire’s tax, since both Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Cuomo have refused to move off their opposition to extending it past its sunset date this year.

Skelos went so far as to declare the millionaire’s tax off the table and dead yesterday. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver refused to go quite that far in public, but members of his Democratic conference admit they’ve given up hope of including it in the final budget deal.

It’s possible the April 15 revenue numbers will be less robust than expected, leaving a larger-than-anticipated revenue hope that lawmakers have to fill. If that occurs, perhaps the millionaire’s tax will return, but I doubt it.

On the budget front, legislative leaders are still holding out hope for a handshake deal today, but the governor appears unlikely to bless that particular union. The Senate GOP is conferencing at noon. Silver needs to leave sometime this afternoon in order to be back in NYC before sundown to start observing Shabbat.