Gov. Andrew Cuomo just released this Web video, essentially taking a victory lap and thanking legislative leaders for getting an on-time budget passed that contained almost everything he proposed in his executive spending plan.

During the 2 minute address, he calls the budget a “transformational moment of our state” and touts the defeat of “the special interests and their lobbyists.” He also goes out of his way to praise the Legisalture for heeding his call to pass a budget that includes deep spending cuts and no new taxes – and for doing so in time to meet the April 1 deadline.

…Not that they had much choice in the matter, considering his threat to employ the all-or-nothing budget extender method. Anway, everyone now lives to fight another day over mandate relief, ethics and redistricting reform, a property tax cap, the rent control laws and whatever else crops up prior to the session’s scheduled end on June 20.

Here is the complete transcript:

“This is a transformational moment for our state. The first step to the road to economic recovery. It wasn’t easy, but we overcame the special interest and their lobbyists. And we did the people’s business in Albany.”

“The new budget changes the way our state works in many many ways. It closes the current $10b deficit. It cuts waste and inefficiency and begins significant consolidation of our state government. It overhauls our economic development efforts to create good jobs for New Yorkers throughout the state.”

“What the budget does is impressive, but what the budget doesn’t do is also impressive. It doesn’t raise taxes. That is what I promised when I was elected, and that is what we did.”

“It is a new day in Albany. Government needs to recognize the new economic reality. Government needs to tighten it’s belt and cut the waste. Just like every family in this state has done. And we must refocus government on improving performance, not growing bureaucracy.”

“Our goal is to have the world class education system here in New York. The best health care system. And a thriving economy proclaiming New York is open for business. We have more to do to clean up Albany, and restore the promise of New york State government. But this was a great step.”

“I applaud the state Senate and Assembly. They performed admirably. And the government worked as it should. We put aside politics to get this done. We weren’t Democrats or Republicans. We were New Yorkers first, and we acted that way.”

“My friends, I took office about 90 days ago. I said my goal was to give you a government that functions, a government that is competent, and a government of integrity. In short, a government that works for you. This budget works for the people of New York. We have more to do, but we are one our way together.”