No pizza, no peace! (UPDATE: Legislative staffers who support the protests will be ferrying pizza from outside the Capitol up to the hungry demonstrators between 6:15 and 6:45 pm).

The whole sleepover thing might be in jeopardy, too, if lawmakers don’t pull an all-nighter.

Citizens Union decried the fact that the current partisan-based redistricting system is extended in the budget.

Common Cause/NY Executive Director Susan Lerner: “This year’s budget process is distinguished by only one difference from previous years: timing. Otherwise, it remains a closed process, where the people are cut out of the process.”

Senators sparred during the budget debate over the absence of the millionaire’s tax and continuation of the MTA payroll tax.

Assemblyman Jose Rivera said “shit” in the chamber. “Ooooh,” his colleagues responded.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said Long Island will get its usual share of school aid….but we still haven’t seen any school runs (as of 5:30 pm).

Mayor Bloomberg had a change of rhetoric on the Cuomo budget.

Greg David takes an alternate view of the 2010 Census numbers.

The MegaMillions winners will reveal themselves tomorrow.

Bloomberg tapped Daniel Chu to serve as chair of the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board.

Sound advice from a self-made billionaire: “Stay away from tax preparers who don’t play by the rules.”

An NRDC blogger calls on Cuomo not to rush the decision process on hydrofracking.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is losing her No. 2.

Clinton has gone from “likable enough” to eclipsing President Obama in the favorability department.

SEIU has filed internal charges against top official Bruce Raynor.

The Staten Island state legislative delegation is pushing “Caroline’s Law.”

NYC’s culpability in the 2007 Deutsche Bank building fire will be at issue in an upcoming trial.

Rep. Jerry Nadler is inviting a few of his closest friends (and enemies) to help commemorate the tenth anniverary of 9/11.

The House Republicans and the Obama administration are edging closer to a budget deal.

Coattails for embattled Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy? Not so long.