ICYMI: State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long, who did not endorse Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but has some very nice things to say about his right-of-center approach to fiscal matters, declined to get on the Cuomo ’16 bandwagon, saying the real challenges for the newbie governor have yet to come.

“I think it’s entirely too early, and I don’t even think…I’m not going to comment on it, and I don’t even think the governor wants to comment on it,” Long told me.

“Like I said, his real test is coming in the second and third year, to see which way he takes the state. My hope is that he continues to do exactly what he’s doing when it comes to the economy, when it comes to the budget.”

“He keeps moving in that direction he will bring back businesses to New York, he will create jobs for the state of New York and that’s what we need in the state of New York.”