“When I see what Governor Cuomo is doing across the river, I think it’s true, I think we were separated at birth,” NJ Gov. Chris Christie said this morning at a Big Pharma conference.

Mayor Bloomberg, testy? Never.

Former Sen. Vincent Leibell knew the day he won the Putnam County executive race that he would be slapped with federal corruption charges.

Some elected officials have sweet taxpayer-funded rides.

A handful of upstate Democrats who voted “yes” on the stopgap budget last week voted “no” on the actual budget today.

Birther congressman joins wannabe birther presidential candidate at Boca Raton Tea Party tax rally.

Donald Trump complained about not being quoted in a column that quoted him.

Mort Zuckerman refutes Trump’s claim that he “saved” the Daily News.

What about Mitt Romney’s birth certificate?

Blair Horner’s imminent departure from NYPIRG is causing ripples at the Capitol.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand wants to protect the privacy of military funerals.

Jonathan Tasini calls Arianna Huffington’s response to his class-action lawsuit “unhinged and disingenuous.”

School districts are scrutinizng every last state mandate in hopes of getting some relief.

Bloomberg celebrated “Poem in Your Pocket” day with his own “original poem.”

Chelsea Clinton is headlining the first fundraiser of a new gay rights group.

The Blind Wine Chick thinks Florida is a more important wine market than New York because you can guy vino in supermarkets there.

April 16 is Foursquare Day in NYC.