The Democrats are rather gleefully forwarding around a lengthy New Yorker story (April 25 edition) that details former FBI agent-turned-Congressman Michael Grimm’s involvement as the undercover Mob-connected hedge fund whiz Michael “Mikey Suits” Garibaldi in a 2002 case known as “Wooden Nickle.”

The part the Dems are particularly interested in comes at the tail end of the report, highlighting a lawsuit brought against Grimm back in the summer of 2000 by a former NYPD officer who claimed Grimm brandished a gun and misused his FBI authority after getting into an argument with another man over a woman (Grimm’s date, the man’s estanged wife).

A nightclub employee recalled that Grimm had told all the white people to leave at one point and had been “really aggressive and violent.”

Grimm’s side of the story: He was jumped by his date’s husband and four other guys. He had been carrying his gun all night, even though it wasn’t allowed inside the club, but flashed it “only” when he pulled out his badge. He insisted he hadn’t threatened to kill anyone, adding: “That’s not my personality. I don’t need to speak that way. A guy with a gun who knows how to use it doesn’t need to say anything.”

Neither the NYPD nor the US Justice Department would provide information about this incident. Grimm said: “I was one hundred percent by the book and fully exonerated.”

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