Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos offered separate welcomes in a pair of YouTube videos for attendees at the Somos el Futuro conference, which kicks off today.

As Liz noted earlier, the conference comes as the fast-growing Latino community’s influence in state government and electoral politics is increasing.

In his video, Silver drops some Spanish and gives props to conference chairman, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, who heads the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force that is hosting Somos.

“We need you to work with us to enjoy your stay in Albany and accept our best wishes for a successful conference,” Silver said.

Skelos, who spoke in English throughout his video, said the Republican majority would work with conference members to find “favorable solutions to the issues that face us all.” (UPDATE: I’m told Skelos also spoke Spanish in a longer version of this video that will be shown during the conference this weekend. – LB)