…except when he thinks his vote isn’t going to matter – like, say, in GOP primary contests in Democrat-dominated NYC. Then, he thinks: Why bother?

Asked by Fox News this morning about the NY1 report that he skipped voting in primary elections for 21 years, the real estate magnate and potential 2012 GOP contender replied:

“In terms of the general election, my record is very good. I mean, generally speaking, I like to vote. I’m a believer in voting, I will tell you.”

“So when they don’t run a Republican candidate, or when the Republican’s scheduled to get 6.2 percent of the vote, it’s sort of pretty tough to travel 1,000 miles in order to vote.”

That traveling 1,000 miles reference is a nod to Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s argument that “for one of the greatest international businessmen who travels all over the country and the world, (The Donald’s) voting record is very, very good.”

Trump changed his enrollment to the Democratic Party in 2001, where his vote arguably would have counted considerably more. But documents show he ignored that party’s primaries as well, missing the 2001 and 2005 mayoral primaries.

In 2002, not only did Trump miss the Democratic primaries for statewide offices, but records show he also skipped the general election. Trump has contested that claim, insisting he voted in every general election and threatening NY1 reporter Michael Herzenberg that he would pay a “big price” for being wrong.

So far, however, Trump has failed to produce any documents that indicate anything contrary to what the Board of Elections has on file.