Though he didn’t make any public appearances at the Empire State Pride Agenda’s rally for Equality and Justice today, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and top aide Steve Cohen met privately with leaders in the LGBT community to discuss legislative strategy.

Most the leaders Cuomo met with are the top-ranking officials in the Empire State Pride Agenda, according to sources in the governor’s office.

Participating in the meeting: Co-Chair Louis A. Bradbury, Co-Chair: Marla Hassner, ESPA Vice Chair: Mark Siwiec, ESPA Treasurer: Norman C. Simon, Secretary: Paul Donaher, ESPA Board Member Pamela Barres, Board Member: Kathleen Hathaway, Board Member: Juli Owens and Executive Director Ross Levi.

Also in attendance was Emily Giske of Bolton-St. John’s, Betsy Ball and Kathrine Grainger.

Cuomo held a similarly quiet meeting back on March 9. The governor probably needs all the strategy sessions he can get. When Democrats controlled the Senate, a bill to legalize gay marriage failed 38-24.

Senate Republicans have said they are yet to meet to discuss the issue, but most say they are steadfastly opposed to legalizing same-sex marriage. Republicans hold a 32-30 majority.

Now advocates for same-sex marriage are trying to lobby fence-sitting legislators in both parties and are pushing the issue through New Yorkers United for Marriage, a coalition of advocacy groups. Cuomo himself fired off a robocall in support of the issue and will appear in Syracuse Tuesday to stump for the issue, including a tax cap and an ethics bill.

Though 32 votes are needed to approve a bill, it’s likely 33 or even 34 votes will be needed in order to provide padding to legislators in moderate to conservative districts.