It’s unclear if it includes a fun-sized Three Muskateers and pizza bagel, but House hopeful David Weprin is campaigning with the former holder the seat, Sen. Chuck Schumer, in a reality-tour of sorts targeting Bob Turner.

OK, maybe it’s not like the Peterman Reality Tour, but Weprin and Schumer said today they were starting a “Truth About Turner” senior center tour, kicking it off in Brooklyn today.

Weprin has accused Turner of supporting budget cuts for Medicare and Social Security, though Turner says he would vote against proposals like the one put forward by Rep. Paul Ryan.

“I’m proud to be standing here today with David Weprin, my choice to represent New York’s 9th District in Congress,” Schumer said in a statement. “David has the values, the experience and the vision we need in Washington. We can count on David to fight against the Republican plan to gut Medicare and Social Security. We can count on David to fight for middle-class families in Brooklyn and Queens and to focus on getting people back to work.”

Meanwhile, the Turner campaign is pointing to a GOP-friendly polling firm that shows the Republican businessman leading the Democratic assemblyman by 4 percentage points. A DCCC-backed survey has Weprin leading by 8 points.

The race, made necessary by Anthony Weiner’s resignation following a sexting scandal, has put a scare into national Democrats who fear a Weprin defeat could foreshadow trouble next year for the party.