Gov. Andrew Cuomo held the traditional receiving line on New Year’s Day at the Executive Mansion this afternoon, meeting with members of the public alongside daughter Mariah and girlfriend Sandra Lee, the Food Network star.

The governor, with the press snapping photos and listening in from a few feet away, spoke for several minutes with a group of fourth-grade girl scouts from Rockland County. mansion.nyg

One of his young guests asked him what the hardest part of his job is.

“When you’re governor you never really have a day off,” Cuomo told them.

Cuomo did spend a few days in the North Country this past week before returning to Albany for New Year’s Eve; the Adirondacks are a favorite vacation spot.

And though Lee rarely makes official appearances in Albany, she did attend the receiving line last year, the same day Cuomo was sworn in as governor.

In addition to the Girl Scout troop, Assemblyman Jack McEneny was spotted heading into the mansion to presumably join the receiving line. McEneny, D-Albany, has sparred with Cuomo in the last several months on the issue of redistricting.

The redrawing of legislative lines is sure to be a major political battle this year and McEneny, the Assembly leader of bipartisan LATFOR commission, criticized Cuomo for vowing to veto lawmaker-drawn lines without seeing them first.

On Wednesday, Cuomo delivers his second State of the State address at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center — kicking off the new year for the 2012 legislative session.