Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a possible mayoral candidate next year to succeed Michael Bloomberg, stormed out of a news conference on the passage of the Living Wage Bill that the mayor opposes.

The dust up occurred after an advocate standing behind Quinn called the mayor “Pharaoh Bloomberg” — a moniker that was too much for the speaker.

“That’s not appropriate. You stand here talking about democracy and wanting to listen. We do not have a right to call them names.”

She then congratulated the advocates who had fallen silent after the outburst and left.

“I’m just not going to participate.”

The walkout comes after NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly is gaining buzz — mostly from The New York Post — that he would be a strong Republican candidate for mayor (though a Daily News poll showed Quinn beating Kelly handily).

Bloomberg and Quinn have had a notably close relationship over the years — a bond that the speaker most likely hopes would result in help come 2013.