Rep. Bob Turner, locked in a three-way battle for the Republican nomination to take on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand this fall, said in an interview that the controversial budget plan proposed by Paul Ryan will have to be altered in order to solve the nation’s debt problem.

Turner said he didn’t want to get into specifics, but indicated that his party can’t continue to uniformly oppose tax increases in order to solve the debt issue.

The budget discussion begins around the 3-minute mark.

“The Ryan plan was put through by the House,” Turner said, who voted for the latest iteration of the GOP budget proposal in March. “There will certainly be compromises. This thing can’t be done without getting both sides of the aisle and the party together.”

Does that mean tax increases?

“Whatever has to be done,” Turner said. “I’m trying to duck that specific, but we’re going to have to do what has to be done. This is a very serious problem. We cannot stand on certain principles that are inflexible. Everybody’s going to have to bend somewhere. The job is too big and too important.”

Turner has had a back and forth relationship with the Ryan proposal. In 2011, he said was opposed to the plan, calling it “starting point for negotiations.”

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