The Senate Republicans’ “we’re partnering with Gov. Andrew Cuomo” mantra has now officially become a campaign slogan, featured in a TV ad released by Hudson Valley Sen. Greg Ball.

Ball’s campaign has fully embraced the concept of a GOP-Democratic governor alliance, announcing in a press release that the senator’s campaign “released a new positive ad that focuses on Greg’s accomplishments, working with Governor Cuomo in an effective, bipartisan way.”

I believe this ad is the first of its kind, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more just like it in the coming weeks.

The ad maintains Ball “works for Westchester,” because he worked with Cuomo to pass an on-time budget that closed a $13 billion deficit by cutting spending. It also makes several pronouncements that make it sound as if Ball is single-handedly fixing all of the suburban district’s woes, like: “Greg Ball capped the nation’s highest property taxes and repealed the MTA payroll tax on Westchester businesses.”

Of course, Ball didn’t do all those things by himself. He had a little help from his fellow legislators on both sides of the aisle – and Cuomo, of course.

There’s also the claim that Ball “cut taxes on middle-class families to the lowest level in 50 years.” That’s a reference to last year’s tax code overhaul that actually raised taxes on the state’s wealthiest residents, although less than a straight reinstatement of the so-called millionaire’s tax would have.

After that deal was rapidly pushed through the Legislature during a special session last December, both the Senate Republicans and the governor repeatedly stressed that the agreement resulted in tax cuts, not tax increases, although on several occasions when I’ve characterized Cuomo as a fiscal conservative, I’ve gotten pushback from his press shop noting that he raised taxes on the rich.

Ball, who was elected in 2008 over the objections of the Senate GOP, who backed his opponent in a primary, has now become a full-fledged member of the conference. He briefly had a primary opponent: Assemblyman Steve Katz. Sadly, what started out as an incredibly wacky intra-party battle was not to be. Katz withdrew his candidacy in late April.

Ball is now facing off against Democrat Justin Wagner, an attorney and political newcomer who has been embraced by Sen. Liz Krueger and her “No Bad Apples” PAC, which supports reform-minded candidates.