You can say this much for Deputy Senate Majority Leader Tom Libous: The man has a sense of humor.

A reader forwarded this invite (actually, just the front) for Libous’ annual golf fundraiser, in which he’s offering premiums for duffers who shoot “closest to the governor” (hole-in-one, prize: a new car) and “closest-to-the-senator” (sink a 50-foot putt, win $5,000).

In the past, Libous has said he has a good working relationship with Cuomo, which is why news back in May of a JCOPE inquiry into whether the senator used his clout to get his son a job at a politically connected law firm raised eyebrows at the Capitol. Libous has insisted he did nothing wrong, but is also using campaign cash to pay for an attorney.

Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan, who was eyeing a potential challenge to Libous this fall, filed the ethics complaint against the Republican lawmaker that got the JCOPE ball rolling.

Ryan decided not to run, but two other Democrats have announced plans to challenge Libous: Tompkins Cortland Community College Prof. Barrett Esworthy and John Orzel, who unsuccessfully ran against the senator in 2010.

The Senate Republicans as a group have spent a considerable amount of time touting their cooperative relationship with Cuomo – particularly as they fight to retain control of the majority. Sen. Greg Ball, a Hudson Valley Republican, even made working well with Cuomo the focus of a recently released TV ad.

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